Welcome to the Wiki page for Era 5, Part 2!

The Mini-institute on this topic will be held on May 11, 2011, at the East Tennessee Historical Society. The purpose of this wiki page is to allow those who attended the opportunity to pool resources and ideas gleaned from that institute. Feel free to post lesson plans, project ideas, or other ways that you have integrated the material or methods learned at this day's sessions into your classroom. What worked, or did not work? What materials have you discovered were most helpful? Or least helpful? What material (photos, documents, videos, etc) do you wish you had more of? And who has found some to recommend?

If you have never used a wiki before, do not worry. Most have not! Just click on the giant pencil icon that says "EDIT" to begin adding your contributions to this project. Do not forget that creating a classroom project based on these institutes, and being observed during the project, can all count towards the completion of your Professional Development Plan (PDP).

Here is a great website with interactive maps for all the major battles of the Civil War


There are links to other American wars on this page.

Here are the photos from the blog from 5/5/11:

Here is another really good US History website


When you get to the website pick US History

I use the movie, Pharaoh's Army with my high school students to show the conflicting loyalties. This relates especially well with those living in East Tennessee since many neighbors were torn between the two armies.

The video below is a brief history of Confederate flags:

Here are the timeline slides from the activity with the "Clothesline Timeline." The files were so large that I had to break them up into three different files:

And, here are the charts that Nancy created that show some of the sectional differences:

And, Nancy had promised that I would collect together all the primary documents that she kept mentioning, but did not have to pass out. Here they are, in a nice, edited Adobe file: