Welcome to the Wiki page for the Appalachian Coal Mining trip that took place on May 10-11, 2013. Even if you did not attend, feel free to utilize these materials in your classroom!

Feel free to post lesson plans, project ideas, or other ways that you have integrated the material or methods learned from the trip into your classroom. What worked, or did not work? What materials have you discovered were most helpful? Or least helpful? What material (photos, documents, videos, etc) do you wish you had more of? And who has found some to recommend?

If you have never used a wiki before, do not worry. Many have not! Just click on the icon above that says "EDIT" to begin adding your contributions to this project. Do not forget that creating a classroom project based on this trip, and being observed during the project, can all count towards the completion of your Professional Development Plan (PDP).

Which Side Are You On? (by Florence Reece, 1931)

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