Welcome to the Wiki page for Pre & Post Learning (KWL) Surveys!!

The Pre & Post Learning (KWL) Surveys are intended for TAH faculty to gain an understanding of what TAH participants know, want to know, and have learned about various topics (many of which stem from the recently approved 2014-2015 TN Social Studies curriculum) discussed during YEAR 4 of the Enduring Visions TAH grant.

DIRECTIONS: Each participating TAH teacher that fills out the Pre and Post Learning (KWL) surveys will receive 1 hr. of professional development per survey. Pre-Learning surveys are to be completed 5 days prior to the respective workshop. Post-Learning surveys are to be completed within 1 week of the workshop.

Please click on the following surveys below, which have been organized by grade levels. Be sure to include your name, grade level, and district. Then, read carefully over each of the topics to be discussed during the workshop and answer what you know and want to learn about EACH TOPIC. Each box must be filled out in order to receive 1 hr. of professional development. Please give thought to each question as TAH faculty will be designing the workshop and the topics discussed according to your responses. Most Pre-Learning surveys should take between 7-12 minutes and Post-Learning surveys should take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete.

4th & 8th Grade:

5th Grade:
  • Tennessee's Civil War & Reconstruction [open to 8th grade participating teachers]

  • Between the WW's, TVA & the Manhattan Project

11th Grade:
  • TVA & the Manhattan Project
  • From Camelot to Watergate