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Pre & Post Learning (KWL) Surveys (Each survey, one taken prior to the mini-institute and one taken immediately following the mini-institute, is worth 1 hr. of professional development)

Children's & Young Adult Literature Bibliographies(This list of bibliographies, divided by curriculum eras and created for the Enduring Visions TAH grant by the University of Tennessee's Center for Children's & Young Adult Literature, lists the best of both fiction and non-fiction titles on critical periods in American history that can be used in the classroom)

Book Studies, Year 4 (2013-2014)

DC Summer 2013 Trip (Educational Materials included may be helpful to those of you who are unable to attend this trip)

2013 National History Day District Papers

Humanities Tennessee: East Tennessee and the Civil War page

There is a new wiki associated with Enduring Visions: for primary sources of various kinds, please visit here.

There is a new wiki designed for the 2012 Summer Field Study Institute that is associated with Enduring Visions: for lessons plans, primary sources of various kinds, please visit here.

A new blog on the TAH website, with a link on the Wiki's Blog Entries page.

There are now unique pages for each county for the purpose of seeing up-to-date PD hours and the pre-test scores.
At long last, I have completed a basic guide to using, editing, and posting files to this wiki. Here it is:
Here is the form to be used for the self-reporting of PDP hours: .

For information regarding UT's Center for Children's and Young Adult Literature, including events, book apps, and more, visit their website here.

About Enduring Visions:

"Enduring Visions: Historical Views of Americans and their World" Teaching American History (TAH) Grant includes three school districts: Anderson (lead education agency), Sevier, and Union County Schools in the Tennessee River Valley. As the "Enduring Visions" TAH project main partners, the East Tennessee Historical Society and the history department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville provide the project staff as well as content and teaching method instruction. The "Enduring Visions" TAH project is also working in close partnership with local museums and libraries including the University of Tennessee Center for Children and Young Adult Literature, the Calvin M. McClung Historical Collections, the Knox County Archives, the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources, and National History Day.

"Enduring Visions" has 4 goals: to improve teacher knowledge, understanding and appreciation of traditional American history content; to increase local school system abilitiy to offer professional development for American history teachers; to increase teacher use of the founding documents of the United States, as well as other educational tools and strategies; and to increase student understanding of and proficiency in American history.

American history teachers and students in Anderson, Sevier, and Union County Schools will be the beneficiaries of the 3-year $968,809 "Enduring Visions" TAH project.

The "Enduring Visions" TAH project will be hosting a wide range of events for teachers year round. During the school year, approximately 60-70 East Tennessee teachers with additional school district staff and coaches can look forward to lectures and method and strategy sessions led by University of Tennessee history professors and Enduring Visions project staff, as well as tour historic sites across the region. We are also working to promote the regional National History Day competition.

The program's official website may be found at www.teachamericanhistory.org

In honor of Constitution Day, a video of Andy and Barney reciting the Preamble: